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As a top-rated vision care provider in the Santa Monica, CA, area, Montana Optometry on Montana Avenue is equipped with a state-of-the-art in-house optical lab and optics shop, so patients of all ages can get the highest-quality lenses without long wait times.

Complete In-house Optical

What does “in-house optical” mean?

At Montana Optometry, in-house optical refers to our on-site optical shop that provides a comprehensive array of eyeglasses and contact lenses, including specialty lenses, as well as our in-house optical lab, which is equipped with the latest technology to enable us to create custom lenses right on site, so you can start enjoying clearer vision as soon as possible. Having an on-site lab also means we can create many types of specialty lenses without the long delays associated with other optical shops that have to send their prescriptions to outside labs for manufacture.

How can I tell which frames will work with my prescription?

At Montana Optometry, our trained and skilled staff works with every patient to help them find the best frames for their needs and for the look they want to create. In addition to “every day” eyewear, we also offer specialty glasses for athletes and people in specific professions who need to make sure their eyes have extra protection. Our staff is trained to ensure each patient finds the ideal frames for improved vision and a comfortable fit.

I have trouble seeing up close, can't I just buy reading glasses at the drugstore?

You can, but because they're mass produced for the population at large, they won't provide the same results or benefits as glasses from an optometrist, where the lenses will be custom-made specifically for your unique vision needs. Drugstore glasses also treat both eyes the same, with the same magnification in each lens, which doesn't take into account the fact that every eye sees “differently” and therefore requires a different prescription for optimal vision. Plus, by not having your vision evaluated, you may wind up postponing care for a more serious underlying eye condition which could wind up making your vision worse.

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