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Staring at computers and other digital devices all day can lead to eye strain, dry eyes and other symptoms. Montana Optometry offers the most advanced care options for people throughout the Santa Monica, CA, area who are suffering from computer vision syndrome so they can find relief for bothersome symptoms.

Computer Vision Syndrome

What is computer vision syndrome?

Sometimes called digital eye strain, computer vision syndrome is a condition that occurs in people who spend a lot of time staring at computer screens and other digital devices, either for work or personal use or both. The most common symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome include:

  • eye strain or eye fatigue

  • blurry vision

  • chronic headaches

  • dry or scratchy eyes

  • neck pain or shoulder pain

How is computer vision syndrome diagnosed?

To diagnose computer vision syndrome, you'll need to have a comprehensive eye exam to evaluate the way your eyes are functioning and to rule out other issues and diseases which may cause similar symptoms. You'll also be asked about your lifestyle habits, including your use of computers, cell phones and other electronic devices, including the positioning of the devices while you're using them. And you'll be asked to complete a medical history evaluation to determine if you have risk factors that could be contributing to the symptoms you're experiencing.

How is computer vision syndrome treated?

To some degree, treatment will vary based on the symptoms you're experiencing. For instance, if your symptoms include dry eyes, you may be prescribed lubricating drops to help soothe eyes and protect them from irritation-related damage. If a refractive error or other vision issue is contributing to your symptoms, you may be prescribed glasses either for regular use or for use when using your computer or other digital devices. You'll also receive guidance about how to position your computer or digital device, the proper lighting to use to avoid eye strain, and other guidance that can help you reduce or eliminate the symptoms you're experiencing. Self-care options like taking breaks while using a computer screen or remembering to blink regularly may also help.

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