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Eye Disease Treatment

What are the symptoms of eye diseases?

There are many different types of eye diseases, and different diseases can cause widely varying symptoms, including double vision, dimmed or blurry vision, chronic headaches, eye pain and other issues. In general, any time you experience any change in vision, you should schedule an exam right away to determine if you may have an underlying eye disease or another vision issue that requires correction.

How are eye diseases diagnosed?

The best way to diagnose eye diseases is with a comprehensive eye exam to evaluate your symptoms and assess how well your eyes are functioning. Exams will also be able to evaluate the structures of your eye, including the gel-like central portion and the retina and nerve at the back of the eye. Specific tests will be able to evaluate these structures to determine the cause of your symptoms and to look for signs of symptoms of eye diseases.

Do all eye diseases cause symptoms?

No; one of the most common eye diseases, glaucoma, causes no symptoms until vision becomes compromised, which is why having regular eye exams is so critical to identifying the disease in its earliest stages. Other eye diseases also may not cause initial symptoms or may cause very mild symptoms which may be overlooked. Having routine eye exams is a critical part of helping to ensure eye diseases are caught and treated as early as possible.

How are eye diseases treated?

That depends on the disease that's present, how much vision loss or damage has occurred, and other factors. Some diseases like glaucoma may be treated with eye drops and oral medications; other diseases may require surgery to correct, and some diseases, like macular degeneration, have no cure and rely on ongoing management to prevent continued loss of vision or slow the progression of the disease.

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