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Eye Injury Treatment

What are the most common causes of eye injuries?

Eye injuries often occur when an eye is hit by a projectile or when a direct blunt impact to the eye occurs, such as during an auto accident or sports injury. Other common causes include being exposed to chemicals or pollutants or having a foreign body in the eye. Other injuries can occur as a result of contact lens wear, including improper cleaning of lenses or corneal scratches that occur when an irritant becomes trapped under the lens.

How are eye injuries treated?

That depends on the type of injury. First, the eye will be carefully assessed to determine the best approach for resolving the injury. Some injuries can be resolved with the use of special eye drops or oral medications to reduce inflammation and prevent infection. Other injuries may require bandaging to enable the eye to heal properly. In some cases, referral to an ophthalmologist may be required so you can be evaluated for more comprehensive care needs, such as surgery.

How can I prevent eye injuries from occurring?

The best way to prevent injuries is to wear protective eyewear when playing sports or when necessary to protect your eyes while on certain jobs, like construction jobs or when working around chemicals or other caustic or irritating agents. In addition, goggles or protective glasses should always be worn when using power tools, whether at work or home, including lawn mowers, leaf blowers and snow blowers, and when participating in sports activities like biking and rock climbing. We offer a range of protective eyewear options that can help protect your eyes while still helping you look stylish, and our staff can help ensure you find the best eyewear for your specific needs and exposures.

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