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Specialty contact lenses can be an ideal solution for patients who are unable to wear regular contact lenses. Montana Optometry is a leading provider of specialty lenses for patients throughout the Santa Monica, CA, region, helping patients enjoy better vision without the need for eyeglasses.

Specialty Lenses

What are specialty lenses?

Contact lenses can be a great solution for many people, but not every person can wear every type of lens. Some people have specific vision issues, like steep corneas, dry eyes, and other issues that make wearing “regular” contact lenses impossible. Other patients may have had eye surgeries that require the use of special lenses in order to preserve vision and eye health. In these cases, specialty lenses can be a good option. Specialty lenses are crafted to meet the unique needs of specific patients so they can achieve the best vision possible and avoid potential vision problems or eye health issues that could be caused by “regular” contacts.

What are some examples of specialty lenses?

Today, there are many different types of specialty contact lenses, including:

  • scleral lenses which may be used in patients where the cornea is misshapen as a result of a disease or ineffective surgical procedure

  • hybrid lenses, gas permeable lenses that combine characteristics of both soft lenses and rigid lenses for greater patient comfort and improved vision

  • prosthetic lenses, which can be custom-crafted to correct the appearance of a scar or other defect that can affect the way the eye looks

  • custom lenses, which are designed based on the topography of your eye

Can all optometrists provide specialty lenses?

No, optometrists must undergo special training in order to be able to dispense specialty lenses. At Montana Optometry, we have the skills and training to help patients with special vision needs get the lenses they need for optimal vision.

How can I tell if a specialty lens might help me?

If you're interested in contact lenses but you have a vision- or eye-related issue that has prevented you from wearing them, there is a good chance specialty lenses can help. The first step to determining if a specialty lens is right for you is to schedule and exam and consultation to learn about all your available options.

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